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Ep 113 How To Be The Woman God Created You To Be | Ria Story

April 22, 2019

Ria Story is an entrepreneur, a certified leadership trainer, public speaker, author and a podcast host.  Rita holds a Master’s degree in Business, a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management, and an Associates degree in Office Management.

What makes this remarkable is the start Rita had in life. Her father sexually abused her from age 12 – 19, forced her to play the role of his wife, beat her, raped me, and even trafficked her to other men. In her words, life was, at times, almost not worth living.

She met her husband Mack when she was 19. She left behind the father who had abused her, and a mother who blamed her for it all. When she left the house for the last time she had a couple of pillow cases stuffed with her clothes and a determination that her past wasn’t going to hold her back.

Ria started working as a waitress and earned her GED, so she could start college. She worked two jobs and attended college at night and on weekends in order to graduate.

Rita didn’t really know how to deal with what happened to her, so in her words she locked seven years of her life up behind a closed door in her  heart. And then, she threw away the key. Thirteen years after leaving home she shared her story publicly for the first time.

Through years of writing, speaking, teaching, coaching, and training, and a nearly 20 year career in leadership and management, Rita realized women often hold themselves back because they haven’t learned how to increase their influence, overcome self-limiting beliefs, increase self-confidence, develop leadership skills, and maximize their potential to do more, have more, and be more. Or, haven’t learned how to overcome a past hurt or a present obstacle constructively. Her mission in life and in business is to change that.

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