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Ep 128 Live Life On Your Terms | Tabitha Cavanagh

June 12, 2019

Tabitha Cavanagh a.k.a. Tab The Recruiter is a Sales & Marketing recruiter, public speaker, a colon cancer survivor and a kickass mom. Tabitha is determined to live life on her terms and to set the best possible example she can for her daughter.

At age 31 Tabitha was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer. She had only been married for 4 months and her daughter was not even two years old. It’s the kind of news that can bring a lot of people to their knees. Not Tabitha. I could just feel the fierceness in her voice when she explained that there was no way anyone was going to take her away from her family.

In this conversation we went deep into the impact cancer had on her mindset. I’ll give you a hint. Tabitha makes it clear that cancer changes what we see as a problem. She also makes it clear that her focus is on enjoying every minute that she has, and not stressing over getting more time.

As a parent Tabitha knows that the best way she can teach her daughter is to live be example. You won’t find a disconnect between the advice she has for her daughter and the way she lives her life.

This episode is just a slice of real life from a truly inspiring woman. Enjoy…

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