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Ep 145 A Case For A University Education | Shelly Elsliger

August 12, 2019

Shelly Elsliger is an entrepreneur, Senior Career Educator at the University of Toronto and a globally recognized LinkedIn trainer having delivered well over 300 workshops, talks, and keynotes. Full disclosure: I am a graduate of U. of T.

My main intent in reaching out to Shelly was to discuss her work as a LinkedIn educator. But I also couldn’t pass up the opportunity to talk with Shelly about the value of a 4 year degree. While Shelly acknowledged that we can question some things, she went on to offer a reasoned justification for pursuing a university education. 

We also talked about the path Shelly took to become a globally respected LinkedIn expert. She began that journey long before most of us saw the real value in LinkedIn (more than 10 years ago). In this episode Shelly explains:

  • How the career centre she works in helps students build community
  • Why it takes 3-4 years to build that community
  • How paying a coffee forward set the stage for much of her future success
  • That LinkedIn  is about networking not numbers
  • What she means when she talks about the art of reciprocity
  • Why she has never been part of a LinkedIn pod and never will be
  • How LinkedIn help her find her voice

Fun, direct, and packed full of great tips. Enjoy.

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