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Ep 146 How To Take A Holistic Approach To Entrepreneurship | Ron Carucci

August 14, 2019

Ron Carucci is the co-founder of leadership consultancy Navalent, a Harvard Business Review & Forbes Contributor. Ron is also the author of 8 bestselling books, 2 TEDx speaker and his talk on power is profound has been watched by over 100,000 people.

Ron has spent the last thirty years in the passionate pursuit of helping organizations and their leaders strengthen their path to the aspirations they desire. Ron consults to Silicon Valley startups, household names, and Fortune 10 CEO's. He is also a top 100 Marshall Goldsmith coach.

Early on in my conversation with Ron the depth of his experience and the research behind his words became so evident. We had a wide ranging conversation on topics that included:

  • Why he will only coach executives that have a nutritionist, personal trainer and a therapist- 
  • Why entrepreneurs have to be healthy enough (physically and mentally) to get what they want from their business 
  • Founderism and the impact of not being able to separate your identity from your business
  • Why so many people who are miserable in the corporate world may be pointing the finger in the wrong direction
  • The reality that reverse ageism is at work and the impact is has on experienced leaders
  • Why he wishes he’d hired a personal coach much earlier in his life
  • The Connection between trauma and leadership
  • How untreated trauma leaves a person walking around looking for the same threat often times seeing a threat when it doesn’t exist
  • His thoughts on cross generational leadership and why it needs to be seen as more than a demographic issue
  • Why we must recover the ability to have civil discourse
  • And that leadership is the ability to disappoint people at a rate they can absorb

Ron is a fountain of knowledge for any entrepreneur, budding entrepreneur, or senior executive. This is a good one folks. Enjoy…

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