Screw the Naysayers

Ep 176 Why It’s Time For A Sales Rebellion | Dale Dupree

November 27, 2019

Dale Dupree , a.k.a. The Copier Warrior, is an entrepreneur, a podcast host, and a guy who relentlessly challenges conventional wisdom. 

Dale got his start in sales working for his father where he quickly became known as the Copier Warrior, where his dad would say he was making Mad Money.  In 2017, after his Dad’s passing, Dale moved on from the company. He stayed in the copier industry for 2 more years before launching his current company called The Sales Rebellion. In Dale’s words he is now teaching the masses how to choose legendary for their sales career. 

In this episode Dale:

  • Spoke about the significance of his father’s legacy
  • Explains how he turned the traditional sales model for copiers on its head
  • Tells us why he stopped focusing on volume and instead focused on building relationships
  • Stresses that it’s time to take a distinctly different look at sales quotas and pipelines
  • Says that there is no one size fits all approach
  • Explains how he strives to use his systems to accommodate his clients
  • And tells us why he has always defied conventional wisdom

This is a high energy conversation packed full of tips for entrepreneurs and others. Enjoy

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