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Start Small Think Big | Avery Konda

December 7, 2018

Avery Konda is an Entrepreneur,  Podcast Host, and and Angel Investor in 18 startups. Not bad for a guy who is only 23 years old.

Avery thinks big. He’s seeking opportunities to make large scale social impact, and in his words is driven to being very disruptive. That means taking on traditional systems or legacy projects that have build generations of distrust and generations of missed opportunity or inequality.

Avery does that an Angel Investor and through his work as Chief Community Engagement Officer at Tandempark, the first online volunteer ecosystem of its kind. Avery is not hesitant to state that Tandempark will the biggest disrupter that industry has ever seen.

Avery credits much of his fast start to the opportunities provided him when he was student at Georgian College, the first ChangeMaker College in Canada certified by Ashoka. While still in College, Avery managed a budget of $250,000.

In this episode Avery shares with us:

  • His definition of Social Impact
  • How he was able to become a Angel Investor at such a young age
  • Why he likes to use Republic as a Crowdfunding Platform
  • His views of the role Blockchain technology can play as a social disruptor
  • His thoughts on the state of public education and how programs like Ashoka and ChangeMaker Schools are at the vanguard of change.
  • The importance of embracing Indigenous cultures and the need for reconciliation and understanding by non-indigenous communities.

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