Screw the Naysayers

Understanding Our Own Gifts  | Logan Nelson

December 12, 2018

Have you ever wanted something so bad, that the thought of not getting it made you want to kill yourself?

Logan Nelson wanted to be an actor, and did everything within his power to make his dream come true. He went to college and studied his craft. He prioritized going to auditions over his work commitments, and spent hours memorizing lines that many people could have memorized in far less time. Then one day Logan realized there was a good chance life was not going to give him what he wanted. He started thinking about all the sacrifices he’d made in pursuit of his dream. With the goal of being an actor seemingly beyond his reach, Logan walked to the top of a 3-story parking garage and jumped. His first thought when he realized that somehow he had not broken his neck, was to think that there must be a better way to end things.

Today Logan is a much loved Podcast Host and LinkedIn Video Creator. His willingness to open up about his own struggles, past and current, resonates with people of all ages and all walks of life. He may not see it, but the skills Logan developed as an actor are on full display in his videos and on his podcast. Viewers and listeners can feel his pain, his honesty, and his underlying optimism (although at times he goes to great lengths to hide it).

Logan Nelson has a special gift and the world is a better place because of it. This is a thought provoking episode which will cause many of us to reflect on the goals we’re chasing and reflect upon our own special gifts.

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