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How to Master The Art Of Resiliency | Zaheen Nanji

December 19, 2018

Would you step into the ring with Rocky Balboa (a young Sylvester Stallone to anyone that hasn’t seen the Rocky Movies)?

If I had a choice in the matter, I know I wouldn’t. And I bet you wouldn’t either, unless you’re a UFC fighter or professional boxer.

But sometimes life doesn’t let us decide what battles we have to fight. Take Zaheen Nanji for example.

At the age of fifteen she left her parents behind in Kenya and moved to Canada. She brought with her a stuttering problem that started at age seven. At university Zaheen tried keeping it secret by dodging class activities that would reveal my repetitive sounds, drawn out syllables, and pained silences.

But failing college wasn’t an option, so Zaheen decided to get speech therapy. No change. Finally her therapist told Zaheen that she has two choices. Stay where she was in life or use the resources she’d been given to face her fear...and practice doing life differently.

So she practiced asking strangers the time even if she knew it. She ordered food with her broken words - not by pointing at the menu.

Today Zaheen  is a professional speaker, entrepreneur, and a breast cancer survivor. She is also the author of the Amazon Best Seller “The Resiliency Reflex.”.

In this episode Zaheen explains:

  • That resilience is not an inherent trait - it’s an earned one.
  • How she overcame a speech impediment to become a public speaker
  • Why asking for help is not a weakness
  • How she drew on her inner strength to battle breast cancer
  • The importance of using language of intent
  • The Seven Universal Cycles of Change
  • Four questions you should ask to help you overcome fear

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