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There Is Always A Way | Yospeh Elkaim

January 7, 2019

“You’re either a Doctor, a Lawyer, or a Failure.”

And to avoid confusion, Doctor means one that can write prescriptions.

Like many children of middle eastern immigrants to the United States, this is the message that was conveyed to Yoseph Elkaim when he wa growing up..

Yoseph went the lawyer route but soon decided that business was where his heart was. So he found a way to carve out a highly successful career.

Along the way he was fortunate enough to work for Leon Panetta, who shared with him 6 secrets to success in life. Yoseph shares those secrets in this episode and so much more.

He explains why he loves to be underestimated. How some people crumble when a wall stands between them and the things they want in life. Yoseph breaks down the walls.

He recalls the time he was at a client meeting, felt a little strange, then woke up 2 days later in the hospital. When his business partner told Yoseph that he’d had a heart attack, Yoseph’s first question was “did we get the deal?” He was 38 at the time.

And he talks about how that moment changed his life. This is a riveting discussion from one of the smartest and most articulate guests I’ve has on this show.

And to think I played hard to get when Yoseph first reached out to me to be on Screw the Naysayers!

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