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How To Have Difficult Conversations | Dawn Metcalfe  

February 6, 2019

Have you ever lost someone or something you really cared about because of miscommunication?

The truth is everyone loses when difficult conversations go wrong. And even if things are eventually resolved, we can’t erase the impact stress and conflict have on our bodies, or get back time that was wasted talking about things that didn’t matter.

Dawn Metcalfe is an author, public speaker, Managing Director of  a Successful Training Organization, and the creator of Hard Talk. Dawn says that the reason so many people struggle with difficult conversations, is that they let the Homer Simpson in them come out. I bet you didn’t realise that we all have our own version of Homer Simpson hanging out inside out mind!

Homer does what feels good in the moment. So if someone says something that makes us feel threatened (in any way), our gut instinct is to defend our position and in many cases go on the attack.

Dawn says the person we should let control difficult conversations is Mr. Spock. The voice of reason that focuses on getting the outcome we want.

Look for more truth bombs in this episode including:

  • Her assertion that very few people are psychopaths
  • What we need to know about fundamental attribution bias (and why)
  • The importance of defining your purpose before starting a hard talk
  • How to recognize when your at risk of falling into the Spiral of Doom
  • The only 2 reasons people don’t change their behaviour

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