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The Three Common Traits of Success Women Digital Entrepreneurs  | Candyce Costa 

February 8, 2019

Imagine you had a chance to interview women entrepreneurs from all over the globe, who are working in the digital space? What would you most like to know.

Candyce Costa is on a mission to get those answers for you. This ballet dancer/teacher, turned Social Media entrepreneur is also the Founder and Publisher of Digital Women E-Magazine. The magazine launched in 2018 and the early results include a reach in excess of 750,000, and interviews with 99 Women Entrepreneurs from around the world including Europe, Canada and the United States

In this episode Candyce shares with us:

  • Three common traits that stood out in so many of her guests
  • The three most important things she learned in dancing that she applies to her business career
  • Why watching her dance students perform made her more nervous than her own performances
  • Why she started Digital Women E-Magazine and what her plans are for the future
  • The thing she found the most challenging when she first became an entrepreneur (Hint: Most entrepreneurs will easily relate)

Candyce speaks 2 different dialects of Portuguese, Spanish and English, has lived in four different countries, owns two businesses, a house, and shares her world with her dog and her love of 20+ years.

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Screw The Naysayers-