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Build Your Own Dream | Bobby Umar

February 13, 2019


I hear stories like this every day. People get up every day, go to work, do everything that is asked of them and more, and then they’re on the street looking for work.

Bobby Umar knows what that is like. It turns out working 80 hours a  week combined with poor diet choices has consequences. In Bobby’s case, at age 36 his doctor told him he had diabetes. Bobby asked for 2 weeks off to get his blood sugar under control, and suggested he cut back to 50 hours a week. Three weeks later he was let go.

During my stint in the corporate world, I was part of a management transition team put in place after a merger between 2 companies. The big boss calls a meeting, walks to the whiteboard and writes “MM” in big letters. “Anybody know what that means,” he asks? Silence. He gets a big smile and says “Meat Market.” More silence. “That means we can lay anybody off and we don’t need cause”.

Are all bosses like that? Of course not. But it makes a person think.

I’m no economist, but I can almost hear the corporate axes being sharpened. Mothers, fathers, husbands, and wives are going to be facing involuntary transitions. Soon.

In this environment Bobby Umar advocates building your own dream. How about you? Whose dream are you following?

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