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How to Pitch a Podcast Host w/Corey Poirier and Tim Alison

December 18, 2018

“I think I’d be a great fit for your show.”

These are meaningful words for a podcast host, but not in the way you might think. For me it’s a bit like waving a red flag in front of my face. You’ll have my attention, but you better be prepared to tell me why, in a short concise statement. Sadly most often people that lead with this claim can rarely walk the talk!

My guest on today’s show is Corey Poirier, otherwise known as That Speaker Guy. Corey is a busy guy. He is a much in demand public speaker who gives keynote addresses at events around the globe. He is also a best selling author, creator of the Speaking Program where he helps people learn how to tell their stories on stage, and the host of For The Love of Speaking Podcast.

Each week Corey gets between 20-40 unsolicited requests to be on his podcast. Here at the Screw the Naysayers Podcast I get 10+ each week.

The good news is we want to say yes. The bad news is there are only so many slots we can fill, and like any podcast host we’re looking for specific things. In this mini episode Corey and I talk about the do’s and don'ts of pitching yourself to be a guest on a podcast (or any other new media show).  

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