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How To Profile Anyone In 90 Seconds | Susan Ibitz - Part 2

November 16, 2020

Susan Ibitz is a HUMAN BEHAVIOR HACKER who is on a mission to help people unlock the science behind human behavior to get more of what they want at work and in life.  Known as the “Human Behavior Hacker,” & ” Human Polygraph” Susan teaches people how to read nonverbal human behavior—body language, face reading, and micro-expressions—and how to use it to decode other people’s hidden emotions, intentions, and future behavior.


She helps people and brands use these same skills to improve sales, team productivity, employee engagement, and more. Some of the organizations she and her team have worked with are PayPal, Target, and S.C. Johnson.


She’s been trained by the CIA, the FBI, the U.S. Military, the Israeli Military, and is a certified Level III Hostage Negotiator. She also worked as a political consultant for 18 years.


In Part 2 of my Feature Interview with Susan she:


  • Talks about the 3 types of faces we all have. The one we are born with, the one life gave us, and the one we’d like to have
  • Tells us that there are 32 features of our face which can change over time based upon our life experiences. These include the size of our ears, the thickness of  our lips, and the shape of our chin
  • Explains why we should all learn to trust our gut instincts
  • Talks about the ethics of empowering Sales Reps with knowledge that can give them an advantage over their customers.
  • And finishes up by reading my face and sharing her observations about my big ears and how even though I come across all grandfatherly she wouldn’t want to see me if I was really pissed about something!


Ouch. I think she has me nailed.  Enjoy


Susan can be reached at:

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