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Mind Games #2 - Whose Dream Are You Chasing

December 11, 2018

Welcome to Episode 2 of the Mind Games solo series on the Screw the Naysayers Podcast.

Today’s episode is titled, Whose Dream are You Chasing?

I start with a short reading from my book (with a couple of tweaks). It talks about a time in my life when I was living a lie. From the outside looking in I had it all. Inside I was dying. I was killing myself with destructive habits, an absent father and a lousy husband, and right on the verge of a complete mental breakdown. Looking back, had I continued on this path, I sincerely believe that I would have been dead or  divorced within five years. Probably both, and probably sooner.

People often ask me how I let things get this bad? Truth is I was confused about what was causing my unhappiness. Most of the time I thought there must be something wrong with me. I had everything I’d set out to achieve, so if I wasn’t happy I must be defective in some way. And even when I did figured out what the real problem was, my mind kept telling me I must be wrong. I couldn’t have been that stupid.

Turns out I was doing what so many of us do. I was chasing goals other people had set for me. In this short episode of Mind Games I’ll share with you three lessons I learned during this process.

How about you? Did you ever find yourself chasing goals that you didn’t really own? What did you do to change that?

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