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Stop Doubling Down on Bad Education | Rutledge Long - Part 1

November 23, 2020

Rutledge Long is an education entrepreneur and independent school consultant in Nashville, TN. A former AP Government and AP English teacher at a college preparatory boarding school, he understands the grind of SATs and APs. He founded Parachute Bridge so that high achieving students will decompress from the grind, rediscover their love of learning and build the skills, dispositions, and competencies that ensure their smooth transition into college and adult life. Parachute Bridge is a Non-Profit. 


This is Part 1 of my feature interview with Rutledge:


  • Explains why Higher Education is not sustainable on its current track
  • Says that his parents were angry and non-supportive when he quit his job to start his own business (at the age of 30)
  • Calls out parents whose ego is so wrapped up in so many aspects of their child's journey in life.
  • Shares stats on suicide rates for those who attend high schools that send their students to the most selective colleges. Brace yourself. Those students are three times the national averages by race among students.
  • Points out that a lot of people end up doubling down on bad education because they don’t know what else to do
  •  Explains why many students would be better off taking a gap year or even going straight into the workforce after high school


Rutledge is articulate, informed, and direct communicator. Enjoy


You can reach Rutledge at:




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