Screw the Naysayers

Mind Games #4- How do you define success w/Tim Alison

December 25, 2018

How do you define success?

As a teenager or young adult, how many people asked you that question?

My guess is not many. There is a reason for that. In a society that values conformity, the definition of success has already been given to us. Get an education, get a job, start at the bottom, work your way up, accumulate assets (house, car, etc.), or some version of that.

It’s all about personal achievements. The speed at which you achieve these milestones is the measure of your success.

It’s important that we buy into this concept. Can you imagine the chaos that would emerge if we encouraged every child to create their own definition of success? If we stressed, from an early age, that you, and only you, get to decide what is important to you. The logical next step is to build your life around those things.

Listen in as I tell you how to do that in this short clip.

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