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Practical Resilience w/Tofe Evans

December 13, 2018

To some, he's known as "that kid" who ran an ultramarathon down the slopes of Mt Everest. However, to most, he's known as one of the world's youngest thought leaders on Practical Resilience and developing a Peak Performance Mindset.

Tofe Evans has completed over 60+ endurance events and when asked: "Why do you put your body through such torture?" he, with a smile, responds with "It can't be any more painful than what I have had to overcome."

Tofe understands what it means to fight through adversity after barely making it out of his early twenties with his life. It was a losing battle for Tofe as depression and anxiety fuelled by drugs and alcohol abuse became a staple of his early life.

After a terrifyingly close call, Tofe figured out how to channel all of his pain, anguish, and despair into a back-to-back series of insane physical challenges that many would consider impossible.

In 2018, he released his first book 'Everyone Has A Plan Until Sh!t Hits The Fan,' which instantly became a bestseller and saw him travel around the world to speak at international conferences including SXSW.In just a few short years, Tofe went from his absolute lowest point in life to share and teach his methods for developing an UNBREAKABLE mindset. He calls it Practical Resilience.

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