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What Working With The L.A. Lakers Taught Me About Success | Jake Kelfer - Part 1

December 8, 2020

Jake Kelfer’s professional journey out of college took a right turn when the job he had lined up disappeared. Instead of being a NBA player’s agent raking in the bucks, Jake found himself working for the L.A. Lakers where he was influenced by the likes of Kobe Bryant and for us older NBA fans, the great Jerry West. Jake left the Lakers after Kobe’s retirement and has gone on to become a 2x bestselling author, global speaker, and founder of Pro Basketball Combine which has helped 70+ NBA draft prospects sign their first contract. Jake is also a coach to entrepreneurs and freedom seekers. 


In this feature interview Jake:


  • Credits his parents for teaching him not to fear rejection and failure
  • Explains how a chance meeting with basketball legend Jerry West helped him find his why
  • Tells us why he walked away from a dream job with the L.A. Lakers
  • Says that as human beings most of us put way to much pressure on ourselves to succeed
  • Encourages us to resist the temptation to constantly measure traditional metrics of success
  • Talks about the 7 main buckets that contribute to success
  • And reminds us that we don’t need everyone to like us in our life journey


Jake can be reached at:

Instagram @jakekelfer 


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