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Ep 122 The Transition From Corporate Sales To Entrepreneur | Kyle Burt

May 22, 2019

Kyle Burt is the Founder of Catch Cloud Solutions. In layman’s terms that means that Kyle helps organizations make better buying decisions for a wide range of technology and services. This includes things like Cybersecurity, Compliance, & Audits, Cloud Computing, Contact Centers, Phone Systems and even Internet Access.

Kyle started Catch Cloud Solutions in 2016 after spending 10+ years in Corporate America. The year before he was recognized as a member of AT&T’s Diamond Club indicative of his being among the top 2% of AT&T executives ranked globally. With that background, starting his new business should have been easy, right?

In this episode Kyle:

  • Explains why he hates and loves his former employer
  • Gives us a peak into his personality when he compares Corporate America to the Death Star and Entrepreneurs to the World Federation
  • Tells us the moment he knew he had to quit
  • Gets real about why he knew that he had to quit
  • Explains how he handled the transition from Corporate Sales Star to Business owner
  • Admits he did a great job of making mistakes in his first year
  • Talks about the moment in 2017 when he almost lost his business
  • Exposes the myth of job security in the corporate world
  • And explains why he likes to set intentions in place of financial goals

Kyle’s entrepreneurial journey is a work in progress. For wannabe entrepreneurs there is a lot to learn from Kyle’s experiences.

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