Screw the Naysayers

Ep 136 How To Slay Your Inner Dragons | Ash Playsted 

July 10, 2019

Ash Playsted is an entrepreneur, mentor, and Mindset Transformation coach. He calls himself the dragon slayer because his mission in life is to help people tame or slay the “inner dragons” that keep them awake at night.

Ash has started and exited five different businesses, a significant achievement in a world where most startups close when the founder leaves. 

Ash and I hit our stride early and had a free flowing conversation about mindset and his journey of discovery. We talked about:

  • The impact his family upbringing had on his mindset, and why he decided he had to break free from a belief system based upon staying in his comfort zone. 
  • The power of following doubting voices
  • The importance of not allowing external events or emotions into our minds
  • The importance of developing good habits in deciding what to take into your mind
  • Centering your mindset around learning from everything
  • Learning to use situational gratitude to block out negative emotions or ideas
  • The risk associated with a tortured artist mindset
  • The rise and fall of false guru’s on social media
  • Why we should all be aware of the cause and effect impact on social media
  • Why time and effort on social media needs to fit contextually into a bigger process

And got really deep on the issue of finding your purpose and what that really means. This episode is jam packed with practical advice on mindset. Pure gold. Enjoy

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