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Eps 279 To Sell More Get Connected With Your Why |  Jason Cutter

July 10, 2020

Jason Cutter is an entrepreneur, sales success architect and a fellow podcast host. Jason started Cutter Consulting Group because he observed recurring issues that were affecting business-to-consumer (B2C) inside sales teams. Especially those that spend money on inbound leads where conversion performance is critical to the organization’s financial wellbeing.

Jason observed that the “old-style” approach placed the burden for success on the backs of superstar agents and managers who were top sales reps.  Even in the best of times this strategy is a bit of a crap shoot with the employer hoping the sales reps will close enough deals.  

Clearly not a very effective long-term strategy. And it is definitely not scalable.

Fun fact about Jason. He grew up in Fremont, California and has a bachelor’s degree in marine biology where he spent a lot of time with sharks.  

Jason joined me to discuss…

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