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You Can’t Come Back If You Don’t Get Up | Randy Brown

January 4, 2019

At the age of 21 Randy Brown set three goals; become a Div. I assistant, become a Div. I head coach, and coach in the NCAA Final Four. A nail-biting loss in the 2000 Elite Eight to Michigan State kept him from achieving his final goal. 12 NBA players have resulted from Randy’s college coaching, including Steve Kerr, head coach of the Golden State Warriors.

That’s not Randy’s story.

In 1992 Randy was dragged off the basketball court, not told why, and arrived at the hospital to be told his his 4 year old daughter died suddenly.

Six years later a second daughter (also 4) passed in the same way.

His Book is called “Rebound Forward” and in it Randy talks about a big question.

What do you do in the throes of life changing adversity?

He was lost. Didn’t know how to grieve, so he worked longer, drank a bit more (leaning towards comfort and away from grief and family) and without knowing it started a cycle of running from adversity. That path saw him spend 24 months in Federal Prison.

Today Randy is a Published author, public speaker, and Mentors Basketball Coaches.

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