Screw the Naysayers

How to find your sweet spot w/ Quentin Allums

December 29, 2018

During his high school years Quentin Allums used to play music on a street corner to help his mom pay the power bill.

Today Quentin Allums is an entrepreneur, LinkedIn video creator,  storyteller, keynote speaker, and a personal branding and content strategist. He and his fellow misfits travel the world creating compelling, visual stories that create an emotional connection between their corporate clients and their target audience. Known for his distinctive all black wardrobe, “Q” as he is affectionately known is inspiring creative souls around the globe to pursue their dreams.

With a reach of over 1 million monthly video views (and growing), Quentin is emerging as one of the top influencers of his generation.

How did this self described social misfit do it? “Q” explains how he did it in this 3 minute mini episode. If you like what Q has to say check out Episode 24 Quentin Allums

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Screw The Naysayers-